Contempra Patio Covers

When you choose an insulated patio cover from Four Seasons Outdoor Living Solutions, Not only have you chosen a product that fits into a budget, but also a product that will provide solid shade that protects you and your home from inclement weather and harmful UV rays while also providing a perfect spot for relaxing and unwinding.

Know Before You Buy: We want you to be 100% satisfied with your new Insulated Patio Cover from the day it arrives and beyond. We want you to be aware from the outset, that this product may be a little heavy and bulky. We would highly recommend a couple of people to move it from the truck on shipment day to your desired location. Each box could weigh up to 95 lbs., measure up to 12.5 ft. in length, and there will be about 5-8 boxes. So, plan to have a “buddy” available to help you move them to avoid damage to the product (as well as to yourself).

We're confident that we have a shade cover to meet your needs.

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