We know that the prospect of tackling a DIY project may be a little daunting. For nearly fifty years, Four Seasons has helped to install thousands of projects across the whole of North America. Below you will find some handy hints and trusted tips.

  • Pros have a plan – you should too.
  • Know how long the install is going to take and prepare accordingly. This could be a one- to two-day install. Most of the time you can finish in one day.
  • Take into consideration how the weather is trending, especially wind and rain. Be aware of weather conditions, such as heavy wind and rain.
  • If you have an installation question, email support@fourseasonsols.com or call customer service at 800-533-0887. In most cases, we can help correct any issues you are experiencing. Our representatives are available 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM ET Monday through Friday.



This Checklist, along with the DIY Guide, contains important tips from professional installation experts that have installed hundreds of Patio Covers, Sunrooms and Pergolas. The purpose of this checklist is to create a game plan with your installation team and to get you ready for the installation process.

1. Pre-Delivery Prep and Site Preparation

  • Please make sure that you have researched local guidelines and are compliant.
  • Read the installation guide before you start to swing some tools.
  • Line up a friend or two to give you a hand (bribery with pizza is often all you need).
  • Your site is all prepped and ready to go.

2. Receiving The Delivery

  • Your delivery will consist of 5-8 boxes, weighing up to 95 lbs. and measuring up to 12.5 feet long. You will need two people to help you move them to your desired location. Be prepared to have a “buddy” at the ready to assist you on delivery day.
  • Even if you notice damage to the box, it is important to note that the contents may not be damaged, but it is far easier for us to send out replacements pieces and will have you enjoying your new outdoor living space quicker.
  • If you notice any damage, email SHD@fourseasonsols.com with images or call 800-533-0887.
  • If you are not ready to get started straight away with your installation, store these boxes off the ground or in a dry location.

3. Unpacking The Materials

  • It’s a little bit like your birthday, you get to open and unwrap your gift, please pay attention to the open and cut here labels.
  • Lay out the parts and check the “Included Materials List” to make sure all the parts are there and damage-free.
  • When unpacking the roof panels stack them out of the way, off the ground on sawhorses and/or stack the panels flat, horizontally, on the ground (setting them on the packaging and packing material to prevent scratches or damage).

4. Safety

  • Make sure you and your install team look around the site and check to see that there are no potential hazards, including anything that shouldn’t be exposed or could be tripped on.
  • Evaluate the site for potential safety concerns, noting all electrical power lines and electrical outlets. DO NOT begin this project until the project area is safe.
  • Please ensure that you have proper safety equipment.
  • Ladder safety is also essential (we hear that walking under them can also be bad luck).