Dark Walnut Landscape Edging
Dark Walnut Landscape Edging
Dark Walnut Landscape Edging
Dark Walnut Landscape Edging

Dark Walnut Landscape Edging

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    Our Dark Walnut sustainable landscaped edging kit installs quickly and comes with all the parts you need to complete your border project. Easily create curves and straight lines as you lay out your perfect design. Clean aesthetics are easy to achieve with this all-inclusive kit.

    Our Endura Edging product will add real definition to your garden and allow you to retain more mulch, stones or filler.

    • Long Lasting –  does not rot or deteriorate like wood edging. 5 Year Warranty, but typically lasts for much, much longer.
    • Sustainable – made from sustainable, recycled product
    • Flexible – create any shape or path you want.
    • Made from Recycled Materials for a more sustainable solution.
    • Easy & Fast to Install – you won’t need any special tools or skills..
    • Use it Anywhere. Perfect for seaside, urban or rural environments.
    • Durable - no cracking, rotting, peeling or chipping when hit by weed trimmer.
    • Real Wood Look- looks like wood but requires no maintenance as it doesn’t chip or change color.