My FSOLS Landscape Edging Experience

Four Seasons Outdoor Living Solutions (FSOLS) Sustainable Landscape Edging provides tidiness and definition to gardens in 3 easy steps. I bought my kit and love the transformation it has made to my flower beds.

All I did was determine the areas, dig a trench a with shovel after using my edger to cut the line. Then, I inserted the edging, and secured it every 4 feet with the provided stakes. I love how the woodgrain texture accents the garden.

Made from recycled materials with a wood grain look and feel, I chose 80 feet of dark walnut, 5-inch edging and so far it's withstood the constant mowing and weed whacking. The wood grain has the appeal of natural materials but will never fade, crack or wear--what a great investment that's also good for the environment!

Offered in 2 widths, 2 colors and 2 lengths, the end result is amazing with very little effort. FSOLS has both 3-inch and 5-inch widths that come in either dark walnut or ebony, selling in lengths of 40- and 80-feet with all the stakes you need provided in the kit.

So, after an hour of installation, I have a sophisticated barrier of defense against the lawn's intrusion as well as a much neater looking yard. 


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