Add Fall Flavor to Outdoor Living with FSOLS Landscape Edging

Getting the yard ready for fall means yard cleanup, plain and simple. If you're like me, you hate weeding and maintenance, but love a well-maintained, clean looking yard. If you're smart, you'll do the work now, and reap the benefits next growing season.

Landscape edging that contains mulch and creates boundaries in a garden bed can make a it a lot easier to keep the yard looking neat throughout all seasons. I recently mulched my gardens, pulling weeds first and trimming bushes to make it easier to get the mulch around the plants I wanted to keep. I used FSOLS sustainable plastic landscape edging in dark brown, and WOW what a difference from before.

Instead of uneven borders between grass and garden, the edging defined the beds and the mulch really made my plants pop! It did take a lot of work, but mulching ensures your weeds will not grow as quickly, so you can keep up with maintenance without becoming overwhelmed.

Also, one tip is using mulch from the town. It was free and I used my own pickup truck to bring directly to my yard when it was convenient. Many towns offer this service, so look into to it to save yourself money. And before you mulch, ensure you have the landscape edging already installed. To simplify, I used an edger and then flat shovel to define the "line" I wanted to follow around the beds. The rest was easy: just insert the edging into the trench and add the stakes to hold the edging in place. I love the natural look of the FSOLS landscape edging; it really blends nicely with the other natural elements of the garden.

Now when a week pops up, I can pluck it before it gets untidy. And since I have my landscape edging installed, I can week whack more quickly for a neat, finished look.


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