Contempra Patio Cover - 20lb Snowload
Contempra Patio Cover - 20lb Snowload
Contempra Patio Cover - 20lb Snowload
Contempra Patio Cover - 20lb Snowload
Contempra Patio Cover - 20lb Snowload
  • SKU: FSOLPCLP2012W20

Contempra Patio Cover - 20lb Snowload

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    Four Seasons Outdoor Living Solutions brings nearly 50 Years of High Quality experience – Engineered to Make Your Outdoor Space Your Most Enjoyable Space. Our patio covers, pergolas, cabanas and gazebos are manufactured in our North American factories and feature products that are stylish, innovative, easier to install and focused on the DIYer experience. Our limited lifetime warranty ensures that you will have years of shade and stylish enjoyment outside with friends and family – or to just maximize the space and time for yourself.


  • Quiet & Cool Roof. 3 inches thick high-grade roofing panels made from insulated foam and aluminum coil in our U.S.A. factories. Up to 100X thicker than competition and blocks 100% of overhead sunlight, lowering temperature underneath.
  • High-Grade Aluminum with sustainability in-mind materials and powder coated finish mean a low maintenance experience. Simply clean with dish soap and water solution rinsed with hose water.
  • Faster Installation. Our roof panels are designed to save you valuable time on installation with our simple, snap-in system and our high-gauge aluminum reduces the number of posts to install. Typically 1-2 people can install in a weekend, depending on experience.
  • High Quality. Thick, beefed-up aluminum posts and frame that don’t crack, peel or break and are fire resistant and a lock-tight roofing system manages rain water with a built-in fascia drainage system.
  • Warranty. Backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty.
  • Support & Experience. We have been in building patio covers for pros, remodelers and DIYers for nearly 50 years. Check out our extensive set of DIY Tip Guides, Instructions and videos.
  • Innovative Patio Cover with a true, shippable Insulated Roof
  • Specifications tested and engineered to meets or exceed all National and International building codes