When it comes to having work installed, Four Seasons has some trusted partners that we can recommend. It is essential that you demand the best from whoever installs the quality products that you have purchased, and we have some top tips for you to ensure that you get the overall service that you demand. See below!

In the Long Island area, we have a few alternatives for you to reach out to. For accurate pricing and an expected timeline, please get in touch directly with the independently owned and operated businesses below.


Baymen Home Improvement Inc.

Douglas Home Remodeling of NY Inc

Steadfast Home Improvement

(631) 866 5580 (631) 767 9703 (516) 971 8922


 doughomeremodeling@yahoo.com stubba@gmail.com


Tips For Your Installation

  • Always ask to speak to more than one contractor when looking to have work done.

  • Ask to see a contractors previous work, they should have photos of work completed that they will proudly show you or have customers they have completed work for who would give them a positive review…..if they don’t then this could be a warning sign.

  • Always write up an agreement that clearly states the responsibilities of the contractor, from a description of work to be completed, to material that may or may not be included and things like the refuse that will need to be taken away…don’t assume it will just happen without having it written down and signed for by both parties. The contractor you choose, should be able to provide you with a written agreement that protects you and identifies your responsibilities also.

  • Make sure you don’t pay up front, agree on a series of payments throughout the project that gives you some insurance against the contractor leaving before his responsibilities are fulfilled.

  • Ensure that you only contract with  a fully licensed and insured contractor.
  • Be a good customer! Look to build report with your contractor and understand that most projects are a little invasive and messy,  problems can happen and sometimes things can take longer than expected. The right crew will work through any issues and take care of things regardless making sure everything gets completed to your satisfaction.