Winter Planning for a Lifetime of Outdoor Enjoyment: Steps you can NOW

As much of the country is plunged in cold weather, the outdoors are reserved for quick entries back to the warmth of the indoors. However, the time is ripe to planify your next outdoor project. With a bit of planning and budgeting, your new Patio Cover, Pergola or LifeRoom ONE can emerge in your yard with the spring sunshine.

Step 1) Imagine the optimum outdoor space you want to cover. Ask yourself, do you want full shade that comes with a patio cover, insulated for better UV protection such as comes with the Contempra? Or, do you prefer dappled shade from an attached Pergola where vines can climb and weave into the rafters? Would you prefer no bug intrusion and the privacy that comes with a screened-in LifeRoom ONE? Once you know what you want, it's time to measure your space.

Step 2) How to measure your outdoor area. Follow these simple steps below.

Measure the width of the area to covered (“A”)

Round to the nearest even foot increment. “A” will be the total width of the patio cover.

If mounting to a house wall

Measure the distance from the back wall of the building to the outside edge of the desired area (“B”). “B” will be the total projection of the patio cover.


If attaching to the existing eave

Measure the distance from the wall to the outside of the eave (“C”). Subtract “C” from “B” (distance from the back wall to the outside edge) to arrive at the measurement (“D”). “D” will be the total projection of the patio cover.


Step 3) Figure out how much you want spend and possibly put money towards the project over the course of a few months if you have not got enough "on hand" right now. You can also utilize our new financing option to pay in several easy installments. Our Patio Covers range in price, starting at $1,252 for an 8' deep by 12' wide TWV Series patio cover in white powder coated aluminum, all the way up to our Contempra patio cover with 3" insulated roof panels and a sleek, modern look; pricing starts at $3,109 for a 10' deep by 16' wide aluminum patio cover. The Optima patio cover is a good compromise between the Contempra and TWV Series. It has the modern appeal of the Contempra with the same roof style as the TWV Series, priced at $2,075 for a 10' deep by 16' wide awning. Attached Pergolas start at $1,886 for a 10' deep by 12' wide model. Our revolutionary LifeRoom ONE starts at $3,972 for the 10' deep by 16' wide size. The choice is yours and shipping is included.

Step 4) Order from us or your favorite retailer, bearing in mind that lead times may be different per online channel. Determine when you want to install it, counting on at least one week between shipping and delivery. One last thing, pricing could fluctuate with increased demand, so do your homework to find the best price that fits your budget.



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