Why Buy A Patio Cover? 10 Good Reasons To Consider

1) Shade: Patio Covers like the Four Seasons Outdoor Living Solutions Contempra Patio Cover with its insulated roof panels reduce temperatures by over 10%.

2) Comfort: Patio Covers provide a relaxing environment to gather with loved ones or spend private time alone working or reading.

3) Privacy: Screened-in Patio Covers such as our LifeRoom ONE with their manual, adjustable, fiberglass-coated screens offer privacy--as little or as much as you want.

4) Less Bugs: Our LifeRoom ONE's screens keep bugs out during summer months when insects are abundant.

5) Entertaining: Setting up an attractive area to dine or get together with friends under a patio cover gives you a reason to be more festive--even when it's not a holiday.

6) Stay Dry: When it rains, folks likely go indoors--but with an FSOLS patio cover you can stay dry outdoors even if it pours.

7) Enjoy the Outdoors More: If you love nature, you can enjoy the outdoors even more under a patio cover. It's gives you a good excuse to sit, relax and observe the wonder.

8) Quality Product: Backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty and manufactured in the U.S., an FSOLS aluminum Patio Cover and LifeRoom ONE are a great investment toward a lifetime of outdoor enjoyment.

9) DIY: Designed to be installed in a weekend by two handy people, our Patio Covers come with extensive support tools for a successful installation that gives you the great satisfaction of doing it yourself.

10) Increase Home Value: As an extension of the home, our sturdy and attractive patio covers increase the home's value as a desirable addition to last a lifetime.

LifeRoom ONE Screened-In Patio Cover

TWV Series Patio Cover

Contempra Patio Cover

Optima Patio Cover

Optima Patio Cover


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