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Welcome to our new Four Seasons Outdoor Living Solutions website and blog. We started this business on a simple premise: after doing lots and lots of research, we wanted to help the 86% of homeowners dissatisfied by their current outdoor space, to do more with it and make it their own. Ultimately, only 14% of homeowners said that they already utilize their outdoor space to their satisfaction. That’s quite a starting point! And as a business that has been doing Outdoor Structures for over 50 Years on the Pro side, we decided to try to make an impact.

Our survey results showed that 52% wanted to do more relaxing, 48% more entertaining and 46% more cooking and dining. 27% wanted to do more playing or exercising. You hear that and you think, how would you not want to make a positive impact on those types of numbers? And in the current Covid-19 environment this has only accelerated. Which applies to you? Most people felt that they needed to address multiple opportunities.

We also found that more than 55% of homeowners felt comfortable installing a patio cover, pergola or other outdoor structure themselves. So we are not only launching a whole new DIY-focused brand, we are also supporting it with this blog that will include “DIY Tips from Our PRO Panel.” We have posted a full tip guide on the website at https://fourseasonsoutdoorlivingsolutions.com/pages/install-manuals in our Support section.

  On a personal level, we wanted our brand to be connected to things that we personally enjoy and do. In my case, my family and I like to do eco-oriented trips and get as much natural interaction as we can. I enjoy looking at new approaches and designs to outdoor structures from these trips too, as well as for landscaping. To the left is a recent trip we all took to Lake Atitlan, a volcanic lake in Guatemala. No cars, but plenty of zip-lines and trails. We are excited to build a lot of our personal experiences into our Four Seasons Outdoor Living Solutions over the next few months.


Another recent experience in South America on a Coffee Plantation highlights new opportunities to integrate plants, colors, textures and structures into an organic, botanical setting.

1st True Solid, Insulated Patio Cover for DIY & eCommerce.

Our first product developed for our FSOLS brand is our new Patio Cover with the first DIY, e-Commerce-friendly insulated solid roof panels. If you look at a picture below, you can probably see some of the personal influences reflected in the patio covers’ use.


The Patio Cover is the most fundamental and versatile of outdoor structures – you can use it for entertainment, relaxing, storage, working out – and it’s really easy to keep clean and maintained. Patio Covers also make really high-quality carports, adding to their versatility.


The most common patio cover size purchased on-line is the 20 feet wide, 12 feet deep dimension. We recommend a slope of one foot from 10 feet from the point of attachment to the house for a drainage slope to 9 feet in the front. We pre-cut our posts to 9 feet, but they can be cut lower with the right equipment by the DIYer. Over 50% of sales come from this one dimension, the 20X12. It has enough space for multiple settings and usage.  


You can find this new product line in our Product Collections section 


Today has been a long day coming, not just in terms of developing and launching some new and innovative product solutions – but in delivering a real business and brand that gets to the heart of what people want, and that’s to enjoy the outdoor living spaces more. It becomes a rallying cry for a business like ours with 50+ years delivering industry-leading products through PROs but challenged to re-orient our thinking toward expanding our options to reach a larger segment of the remodeling community.  So we chose to act like a start-up in our own business and get after it. In today’s challenging environment, who could ask for greater clarity of purpose?


Our future blogs will be more specific to product usage, tips and inspirational ideas. We also want to hear from and use your comments and tips – so please, if you have any Outdoor Living Solutions tips or something you want to show-off and share – please email us with the details and we’ll do our best to follow-up and post. A quick link to the contact page is https://fourseasonsoutdoorlivingsolutions.com/pages/contact-us.


Steve C Stephens

Steve C. Stephens is the President of Four Seasons Outdoor Living Solutions. He has spent his entire career working domestically and internationally with building material and home improvement businesses, including Black & Decker, Valspar, Centex Homes, MAAX and TORO Water Management.


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