The Quality of Being Grateful This Holiday Season From Four Seasons OLS

The quality or feeling of being grateful or thankful is something we at Four Seasons OLS don't need the dictionary to define. We have this feeling everyday in speaking with and assisting our valued customers. So, this holiday season, we wanted to call out a few ways that customers have helped FSOLS in improving our products.

1) Installation Feedback

Although we pride ourselves on producing quality install guides, printed and packed with every order, our customers help us improve them by telling us where our instructions are unclear. Either by email or phone, customer feedback assists our team in improving assembly instructions during each annual reprint. So, if you are one of those folks who have shared your input with us, rest assured your comments have been recorded for inclusion in the next reprint.

2) Product Enhancements

Very often our engineers are thrilled with customer ideas on new ways to improve our patio covers. Many customers have suggested we make curtain rods and brackets that color match exactly to the patio cover they purchased. Some have asked for shelves and fan beams as well as downspouts from us. Well, we heard you! All of these accessories are in production and available soon. 

Utility Beam for Lighting and Fans on our Contempra Patio Cover

3) New Products--We launched 3 new patio cover models a couple of years ago to amazing success. Often, we get questions on what other colors we offer besides white and ivory. By far the most popular color request has been brown, which is coming soon and available in all models. The roof will remain either white or ivory, depending on the model, while the frame and posts will be brown or as we call it, dark bronze. Also, privacy walls that retrofit to an existing awning have been requested, and will be available next spring. Very exciting!

Privacy Wall Rendering


So, at this festive time of the year, when we think of what we are grateful for, Four Seasons OLS wants all of our customers to know that we are thankful for you. Not only for purchasing our products, but also for your valuable input on  improvements we can make for future customers.

FSOLS wishes you a very happy, healthy Holiday Season!


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