The Meaning of Colors & FSOLS Patio Covers

Well, let's face it, color is a big deal in outdoor living. It expresses so much to neighbors and passers-by of what lies within the home and its occupants tastes.

That's why FSOLS launched a new color even though our tried and true hues were selling just fine. Color is one of the most powerful forms of expression we have as humans and that attribute lends itself to the things we own too. With that said, let's dive into the meaning of colors.

Dark Bronze

Brown tones express feelings of "warmth, wholesomeness, and dependability." Just like the soil under our feet, it emanates health, growth and stability. Softer than black, stronger than beige, brown tones provide a compelling backdrop for red, yellow and violet. These complimentary tones foster a pleasant yet bold statement when paired with dark bronze.


Everyone says you can't go wrong with white. And it is our most popular product color. White says "purity, cleanliness, and virtue," all good things to aspire to. When it comes to complimentary colors, white is simply easy. It goes with practically everything. The best outdoor options though are the classics: blue and black.


Ivory evokes many of the same feelings as white with a hint of warm yellow themes. "Calm, formality, and luxury" are the hallmarks of ivory. Paired with pastels, you will have a soft palette upon which to build your dream home's look and feel.



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