Spring Plantings to Adorn Your FSOLS Outdoor Product

Spring has officially begun! Most areas of the country can now begin planning their seasonal gardens to beautify the yard, and plants around a patio cover or pergola add dimension and freshness as well.

Patio Covers provide needed shade, shelter and space for family and friends to gather. Shade loving flowering plants such as Hosta, Brunnera, Begonia, Fuschia, Hydrangea, Agapanthus, Bleeding Heart, Astilbe, Phlox, and Columbine can be potted for patio cover adornment. Although these perennials do grow well and come back each year in the garden, they also grow perfectly fine in containers.

Pergolas are an excellent choice to add dimension to any yard and home. Flowering vines such as Clematis, Passion Flower, Jasmine, Mandevilla, Bouganvilla, Morning Glory, and Climbing Roses provide an eye-catching display to this already grand structure.

The first consideration is your hardiness zone. For example, here in New York, our hardiness zone is 7. From there, you can select plants that are either annual or perennial in your zone. Whether your order online, through a catalog or from your local nursery, each plant's packaging will tell you what the hardiness zone is and if it comes back year after year (perennial) or only once per season (annual). 



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