Seamless Delivery & Preparation Tips for your NEW FSOLS Product

Buying something new is always exciting--especially when it accents and adds value to your home. Receipt of your LifeRoom ONE, patio cover or pergola can be a bit tricky if you are unprepared. Review these quick tips for easy preparation.

1) Curbside Delivery: Your unit will be delivered by LTL Freight Carrier in a truck. The service is curbside, meaning the driver will only place the boxes, with your assistance, by your curb and not in your driveway, garage or backyard. We recommend having a friend at-the-ready to assist in moving the boxes off the truck to a secure, dry location in your yard or home. The driver will call a day ahead to set up a good delivery time for the following day.

2) Location, Location, Location: Ensure you have thought out a good location to store the boxes until you are ready to install the unit. A dry area inside the home such as a garage is best, although a covered area outside the home will work too as long as the boxes can be kept off the ground and covered. This is to ensure moisture and rain will not deteriorate the cardboard until you are ready to move them to the installation area of the home.

3) Get What You Paid For: Before you install, and as soon as possible, inspect all the parts. Open the boxes, starting with Box 1 where you will find the Material Checklist. Use the Material Checklist to check in all the parts to ensure you have everything listed as well as to inspect the parts for shipping damage. 

4) Email and Phone Support: If anything is missing or damaged, please send an email to along with your order number and pictures of any damaged parts. Your order number is located at top left of the Material Checklist, starting with an "S." You can also call our 800# to advise of any damage, or to ask questions (800-533-0887). We are available Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm, Eastern Time. Please leave a message if no is available and you will receive a call back within 24 hours during our business hours. 

5) Enjoy and Let Us Know How We Did: After you install the patio cover, we trust it will provide a lifetime of enjoyment. Let us know how the installation went and send us images of the finished product. We'd love to know your comments.


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