Patio Cover Choices--What's Right For You?

Deciding what Patio Cover to purchase can be a difficult decision. Here a few tips and facts to make the choice a bit easier.

1) Know your Snow Load--the amount of weight per square foot a patio cover can hold can dictate what type you choose, so we suggest you start there first. Checking this link will tell you your area's requirement by simply inputting your zip code:  Once you know your required snow load, you can check which patio cover model(s) will be a good match. For example, the Contempra Patio Cover starts at 10 lbs. and goes all the way up to 50 lbs. This model will suffice for most areas of the country. The Optima Patio Cover has a range of either 20 lbs. or 40 lbs. and will also work for most areas of the U.S. The TWV Series' snow load range is 10, 20 or 30 lbs., so for very snowy areas, check the other two patio cover models mentioned above.

2) Factor in your Wind Load--There are parts of the country where wind plays a big factor. Areas in a hurricane zone like Florida, require wind load ratings that exceed some of our Patio Covers. Check with your local building authority if you live in an area like this. For the record, our TWV and Optima Patio Covers are engineered for 115 mph and will not work for Florida. Our Contempra Patio Cover, on the other hand, will be sufficient for most areas of Florida north of Miami.


3) Measure Correctly (Like Us ;)--Measurements are an essential step in determining the size Patio Cover you need. The depth measures the distance between the home and the end of the patio cover front fascia or gutter. The width is the widest part of the Patio Cover as it runs parallel to the home. Once you know your depth and width, you can search among our three models for the one that best suits your needs. Our best-selling TWV Series Patio Cover comes in the widest array of sizes. Starting at 8 feet deep, the TWV Series goes up to 14 feet deep, and the available widths begin at 12 feet wide to 40 feet wide. Plus, you can splice two units together to achieve wider covers as well--we send the splice kit at no additional charge. Our Optima and Contempra Patio Covers come in six sizes, starting at 16 feet wide by 10 feet deep all the way up to 22 feet wide x 12 feet deep. And once again, these kits can be spliced to achieve a wider span as long as all units are of the same depth. 


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