Meet Our Revolutionary LifeRoom ONE

Launched a couple of years ago and still just as popular, LifeRoom ONE is a revolutionary concept in outdoor living. 

It combines the modern, clean lines of our insulated roof patio cover with durable fiberglass screens that pull up and down for privacy or to keep insects out. It's the first DIY product of its kind that is easy to install and lasts a lifetime.

Made of high-grade, powder-coated aluminum for rustproof protection, the parts will never warp, crack, fade or show wear like other materials such as steel, vinyl or wood.

The fiberglass-coated screens offer protection from the elements and pests as well as allow you to easily pull them up when the moment is right. They are weighted at the bottom so there is no flapping in the wind, and install in a jiffy as they are pre-fitted. No fussing around here with measuring and cutting.

The three inch thick, insulated roof offers maximum protection from the sun. UV rays do not penetrate the LifeRoom ONE, so you can stay cool during those dog days of summer. The roof panels are also flat, unlike some of our other products, providing a sleek, professional look that is as modern as it is classy.

Hands down, this is one of our most popular products, and certainly a great buy starting at $3,875 when you take advantage of our current discount at checkout (SPRINGTIME20). Also sold on Amazon.


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