Made in the Shade--FSOLS Patio Covers for Every Climate

The dog days of summer are in full gear. And so are Four Seasons Outdoor Living Solutions' patio cover models, offering much cooler conditions than the outside air temperature.

Our best selling TWV Series Patio Cover, provides solid shade in almost 100 different sizes. The roof cools the air below by 10% offering respite from the summer heat.

Same goes for the Optima Patio Cover, and with its cool styling and powder coated finish, which is simply cleaned with dish soap and a rinse from the garden hose--another great way to stay cooler. 

Our top of the line and popular Contempra Patio Cover adjusts 'under-air' temperature over 10%. Its three-inch insulated foam core and thicker aluminum roof panels protect you from various outdoor elements. And, not only is it cooler, it also reduces noise intrusion from rain and hail.

Similarly, the LifeRoom ONE has insulated roof panels just like the Contempra with the added bonus of manual adjustable screens that keep pests out and give privacy as well.


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