Insulated vs. Non-insulated Patio Covers from Four Seasons OLS

Why purchase an insulated patio cover from Four Seasons Outdoor Living Solutions? What are the advantages versus a non-insulated patio cover? In essence, why spend the extra money?

Let’s enumerate the advantages.

  1. Deeper shade: Reducing temperatures on a warm day is the #1 reason our customers choose the Contempra Patio Cover over one of our non-insulated models. Temperatures below the roof are greatly reduced, because our 3” foam core with .040 thick aluminum skin provides 100% shade.
  2. Modern look: The sleek and smooth insulated roof and frame of our Contempra Patio Cover just looks better than the traditional style of our other products. As more homes are designed with a modern flair, the Contempra Patio Cover just blends in that much better.
  3. Wind load: The Contempra is engineered for 120 mph which complies with most areas of the country, even those designated in a hurricane zone. You can buy with confidence, knowing your product can withstand up to 120 mph during a storm.
  4. Easier installation: Our Contempra’s snap-fit roof system makes for an easy installation that will take 50% less time to assemble than other products. So, you can enjoy your insulated roof patio cover faster with less hassle.
  5. Element resistant: And because it is made of 100% powder-coated aluminum, the Contempra Patio Cover will withstand whatever the mother nature throws at it. It will never rust, chip, warp, or crack like other materials such as wood, steel, and vinyl.



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