FSOLS Utility Beams Available with Contempra Patio Covers

Hidden within the roof panels, our Four Seasons OLS Utility Beams make it easier than ever to add ceiling fans and recessed lighting your Contempra Patio Cover

Customers have asked for this feature and FSOLS has answered! Two Utility Beams are included with each Contempra Patio Cover kit and the Utility Beams can be positioned according to your liking. Just select where the lighting and fans need to be placed, and position the roof panel accordingly. (PLEASE NOTE: Utility Beam roof panels are at an additional cost.)

Each Utility Beam can handle up to 45lbs. of weight, making them versatile and sturdy. Each Contempra Patio Cover kit with Utility Beams comes with assembly instructions (wiring is not included; consult with your electrician) to ensure a DIY-friendly installation.

Color choices include all white as well as a dark bronze frame with white insulated roof panels. Sizes range from 16 ft. wide x 10 ft. deep to 22 ft. wide x 12 ft. deep, and come in 10 lb. to 50 lb. snow loads.

Coming soon to this site, and available now through your favorite big box hardware store as well as your favorite online shopping channel.


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