FSOLS' TWV Series Patio Cover Facts & Why It is Our Best Seller

The best sellers for any company contribute more than just sales--they add cachet to the brand and reliability to consumer confidence in the product. The TWV Series has been the best selling aluminum patio cover for FSOLS even before the brand was started a few years ago. Here are some facts you may not know, but should consider the next time you look for an outdoor product.

Durable--Made of 100% sustainably sourced aluminum, the TWV Series patio cover is built to last a lifetime, and comes with a Limited Lifetime Warranty to last forever. Our customers simply love how strongly built the patio cover is, especially in those tough wind and snow situations that come each winter.

Maintenance Free--Keeping a new product looking new can be challenging. With our TWV Series patio cover, simply washing with dish soap and water keeps it clean and fresh looking every season. There are no fancy products or tools needed to maintain the TWV Series patio cover--everything you need to keep it looking new is right there at home.

Style--The traditional lines of the TWV Series patio cover blend in perfectly with most homes. It helps that the TWV Series comes in two colors that match the trim on many residences, and the fluted posts and frame add an element of interest to the clean design.

The Right Finish--Without the right finish, any product degrades. But, with the Powder Coated finish on the TWV Series patio cover, the awning will never chip, crack, rust, fade or warp like other materials such as vinyl, wood or steel. Now that's truly a happy ending.


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