FSOLS Outdoor Living Trends for Spring '23

If you're looking for more in your outside spaces, here is a list of outdoor living trends making a big splash this spring--and how FSOLS fits in.

1) Backyard Oasis -- Tired of being confined indoors, this spring season homeowners are looking to maximize their outdoor space by creating backyard havens of relaxation. Using water features, cozy sitting areas and free standing Pergolas situated around landscaped gardens to incentivize relaxation. Pergolas have the added benefit of being a structure for flowering vines to grow upon, increasing the beauty of the unit itself and the backyard.

2) Fire Features -- Fire pits and Outdoor Heaters provide obvious warmth as well as ambiance and have become as popular as they are practical. Seated under our TWV Series or Optima Patio Cover, your outdoor heater will lengthen outdoor time on chilly evenings.

3) Family Gardens -- Family gardening time means more quality time spent with loved ones outdoors--and is a growing trend. Giving children their own plot of land to cultivate is a great way to teach them respect for the environment as well as a healthy hobby. Potted plants are also a great way for kids to learn gardening 101 and add freshness to outdoor awnings and pergolas.


4) Remote Workspaces -- The outdoors are no longer limited to just relaxation. Many remote workers choose to designate an outside area to work in and WiFi has made that quite easy, especially under an insulated patio cover like our Contempra or screened-in LifeRoom. Both reduce noise intrusion from rain or hail, and the LifeRoom ONE's manual screens also provide privacy and protection from insects.

5) Personal Flair -- Infusing backyards with personal flair is very satisfying. Whether you like gardening, decorating, or both, backyard enthusiasts view outdoor spaces as an extension of their personality. Setting up outside enclaves or "vignettes" with rugs, furniture and lighting allow self expression. Gardens and potted plant areas infuse vitality and display personal taste. Helping to define the garden, Landscape Edging also ensures grass does not intrude within it.


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