FSOLS Launches New Awning Color: Dark Bronze Patio Covers

Based on extensive market research and numerous customer requests, Four Seasons OLS is launching very soon an assortment of patio covers in dark bronze. 

The posts and frame are an earthy dark bronze, so popular with outdoor products as they enhance the natural 'green' setting of residential backyards. Natural and earthy colors have been trending for the past few years in outdoor products, reflecting the homeowner's desire for organic and eco-friendly aesthetics. While everyone has gone 'green,' we have gone bronze!

Coming soon FSOLS will offer the Contempra, Optima, TWV Series and LifeRooms in this new color; the roof will remain either white or ivory in the TWV Series or white in the other products.

Here is a quick photo gallery of the products, coming soon in June...

Contempra Insulated Roof Patio Cover


LifeRoom ONE Screen-In Insulated Roof Patio Cover


Optima Patio Cover


TWV Series Patio Cover


LifeRoom Optima Screened-In Patio Cover

Check back in the coming weeks for pricing wide variety of sizes. (LifeRoom Optima is available only through our retail partners.)


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