FSOLS Contempra Insulated Roof Patio Cover--Pros & Cons

The Four Seasons OLS Contempra Patio Cover with its insulated roof panels is a popular new model within the collection. These are some reasons for and against a decision to buy one.


Insulated roof panels keep you cooler. It's a fact. Most people buy a patio cover for shade so it stands to reason that buying one with improved cooling effects is a smart choice.

Contempra models come in five snow loads, from 10 lbs. for light snow areas all the way up to 50 lbs. for heavy snow regions. The thickness of the aluminum and the number of posts provide the engineering rationale to purchase one in your city's snow load requirement.

Insulated roof panels provide great protection from noise intrusion due to rain, hail and even wind-blown debris. If you install the Contempra near a bedroom, this benefit is especially important.

Splicing multiple Contempras provide wider coverage beyond our widest 22 foot version available in both 10 foot and 12 foot depths. FSOLS sends the splice kit at no additional charge, no matter how many you need.

Easier installation is another important positive in favor of purchasing a Contempra. The 3-inch thick, foam core roof panels snap into place easily, reducing time and effort for the DIYer.

Modern, clean lines are a hallmark of the Contempra design, making it a customer favorite. Many homeowners want their patio cover to blend in with the home, and the Contempra's smooth frame and roof act as an extension of the home without clashing with its design.  

Built and engineered to last a lifetime, the Contempra has a Limited Lifetime Warranty against manufacturing defects. In a disposable world, this product lasts a lifetime, adding enjoyment to and extending the seasons of outdoor living.


White is the only color thus far available in the Contempra model. But, we are working towards offering a wider variety soon. Other color options may include gray, black, bronze and ivory.

Price conscious consumers may steer away from the Contempra. It is our highest priced patio cover product, but well worth it according to its fans. Customers who have purchased this product believe the additional money spent is validated by its endless durability and timeless design. 


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