Four Seasons OLS Patio Cover Frequently Asked Installation Questions

To assist customers with commonly asked installation questions, here is a list of those that are asked the most often.

  • How tall are the posts? The posts are 10 feet long on the TWV Series Patio Cover and 9 feet long on the Optima and Contempra Patio Covers. The length of the posts and slope applied to the patio cover determine the height at which you can attach the header to the home.
  • How high can I attach the patio cover to my home? Although each home is different, posing its own unique situation regarding fastening the header, in general the header or hanging rail/hanging channel combination (depending on the model you purchased) can be fastened either at approximately 11 feet if you have 10-foot posts or about 10 feet if you have 9-foot posts. Slope also plays a big role in determining where to fasten the patio cover to the home.
  • How do I determine the right pitch or slope for my patio cover? For patio covers in a 10lb or 20lb snow load, apply ½ inch of slope per foot of depth. For patio covers in a 30lb snow load or higher, apply 1 inch of slope per foot of depth. For example, a 20x12 20lb snow load patio cover would require 6 inches of slope meaning the home attachment side would be 6 inches higher than the post side. This may mean you will need to shorten the posts.
  • Can I cut the aluminum material, such as the posts or the roof panels? Yes, you can cut down the material with skill saw fitted with a blade suitable for metal.
  • What do I do if there is not enough room to install the last set of roof panels? Roof panels need to be installed by adhering to the 12-inch marks on the hanging channel. If these measurements are not adhered to there will not be enough room to install all the roof panels. If you have this issue, loosen a few of the already installed panels and squeeze them more tightly together, adhering to the 12-inch marks.
  • Can I walk on the insulated roof panels? Yes, the Contempra insulated roof panels will hold your weight if you walk on them to install the peel and seal tape. You MUST avoid the seams of the roof panels to ensure safety.
  • Can I walk on the Optima or TWV Series roof panels? Absolutely not. They are not safe to walk on.
  • Can I attach the patio cover to my deck? Yes, you will have to add sub-framing to each post location, ensuring the long screws you source (not included in the kit) penetrate the sub-framing by at least 2 inches. Do not simply fasten the posts to the deck boards.
  • Can I attach the patio cover to brick or stucco? Yes, you can attach to a brick home but must penetrate the wood studs of the home with extra-long screws that you source. This may mean you must remove some of the bricks. You can apply the same installation technique to stucco homes.
  • Can I attach the patio cover to vinyl siding? Yes, it is best to remove a piece or two of siding and fasten a 2”x 6” wood ledger to the wall of the house, lag screwing the board to the wall studs. Then, cover the wood ledger with aluminum fascia sourced from a hardware store. Install Z-flashing over the top of the wood ledger and re-install all the J-channel and siding.

Installation questions can be answered via email by sending a note to We are available for online support Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm ET.


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