Four Seasons OLS--Know Before You Buy Your Next Patio Cover or Pergola

Planning your next outdoor product purchase is exciting! Four Seasons Outdoor Living Solutions' products are designed to make outdoor living fun and enjoyable. However, there are several important considerations before you buy your next awning or pergola

1) FSOLS outdoor products are delivered via LTL Freight Carriers, which simply means they are shipped via large trucks needing clearance to turn around on a dead end or outlets back to the main road through residential neighborhoods. In those rare cases when a carrier cannot get to your home, you may be asked to pick-up your shipment at the destination terminal.

2) Curbside delivery is the just what it sounds like. FSOLS shipping is free and the service is curbside, meaning the truck driver is only supposed to unload the truck (with your assistance) at the curb. Most times, they will drop the shipment off on the driveway. 

3) A Buddy on Call is worth their weight in gold. Due to the size and weight of the product, it's a great idea to have a buddy at the ready to help unload the truck and move the boxes to a secure, dry location. Typical shipments are 5 to 7 loose boxes, up to 12 feet long and weighing almost 400 lbs. overall.

4) Just the right spot to store your product before installation is critical. Pick a secure, dry location with enough room to store the boxes until you have the time to open each one and inspect the parts for damage. We encourage all customers to open the boxes within 2 weeks of receipt to determine if all the needed parts are in good condition as well as all the needed parts have been shipped. Reach out to for any order issue.


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