Festive Outdoor Living Solutions: Holiday Dressings for your Patio Cover Awning

As you ready your home for the holidays, try these design ideas to array your patio cover in tinsel and ribbon during the most festive time of the year.

Solar holiday lights add sparkle and dash to your patio cover as well as illuminate it for outdoor festivities. Whether you place them inside the periphery of the roof or outside too--or both--nothing says holidays as brightly as string lights.

Garland festooned eaves or spiral wrapped posts add a touch of holiday class to your awning. Whether you choose natural pine complete with berries and pinecones for a classic touch, or glamourous silver and gold branches that dazzle and sparkle, you’re sure to impress your guests, especially if the feasting spills outdoors.

Wreaths are one of the most iconic holiday decorations, symbolizing the unending circle of life. As you decide which style to choose, and how many to hang, contemplate how meaningful it is to have one in your own backyard oasis. Wreaths come in a plethora of sizes, styles and colors, and need not be limited to the front door.

Ornaments are not limited to the tree. Thought to have originated in 16th century Germany, these shiny orbs and figurines add beauty and fascination to home décor. Outdoor ornaments need not be strictly limited to plastic either; those made of rust-proof metals, glass, natural waterproof materials, such as shellacked woods and waterproof fabrics are all options as well.

All of these décor ideas are easily found online or in-store with most hardware retailers or holiday-themed stores.


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