Extend Your Outdoor Space--Extend Your Summer--With Four Seasons OLS

As summer winds down, there's still time to extend the season with a Four Seasons Outdoor Living Solutions' LifeRoom, Patio Cover or Pergola. Not only will you shield you and your family from the elements, you will also have the added space to enjoy more of the outdoors.

Our LifeRoom ONE provides privacy and protection from wind, rain and pests with our manually adjustable screens. The insulated roof panels lessen noise intrusion and the modern design offers a clean, fresh look.

The three patio cover options we offer provide contemporary or traditional appeal. The insulated roof Contempra patio cover comes in 6 sizes and 5 snow loads, holding up to 50 lbs. of snow per square foot. Of the 4 new products launched recently, the Contempra has become a fan favorite for its easier install and overall quality. The best-selling TWV Series patio cover comes in 30 sizes, 2 colors and 3 snow loads, from 10 lbs. to 30 lbs. Its traditional lines blend very well with various home styles and our customers rave about its durability. Our hybrid patios cover, the Optima, combines the best elements of the Contempra and TWV Series, and comes in 6 sizes and 2 snow loads, from 20 lbs. to 40 lbs. It's contemporary design fits well with today's home styles, providing the same lifetime of enjoyment as our other awning  products.

Pergolas are a graceful addition to any yard, and offer a dedicated space to grow vines and plants as well as gather under the dappled shade. Our new Free-Standing Pergolas come in 2 colors and 3 sizes, offering a modern design to enhance any home. Our Attached Pergolas come in 9 sizes and 3 colors, providing a variety of ways to classically enhance the backyard.  



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