A Little Bit About Aluminum: History, Facts & Usage

As you know, Four Seasons OLS manufactures patio covers, pergolas and LifeRooms of aluminum. This ubiquitous material is widely used today, but its first recorded usage as noted by Herodotus, a 5th century BC Greek historian, was of the compound ALUM as a coating for wood fortresses to protect against enemy weaponry. Aluminum, as we know it today, was not discovered until much later. Centuries later.

Aluminum was actually born of science. In 1825, Danish chemist, Hans Christian Oersted, first isolated aluminum chloride using a potassium-magnesium mixture. Then, two years later, German chemist, Frederick Wohler, procured the first pure sample of the metal we use today.

So, why was aluminum not discovered sooner? Because, even though it comprises 8% of the Earth's crust, it does not occur naturally in its metallic form. It requires the processing of the element Bauxite to create Aluminum.

Did you know that Aluminum is the 3rd most commonly occurring element on Earth, making it one of the most sustainable metals in the world? Aluminum is lightweight, easy to shape, low maintenance, infinitely recyclable, and does not rust.

Aluminum and FSOLS outdoor living products are a match made in heaven...or in science rather. Our aluminum outdoor products are composed of parts that go through an extrusion process to force the metal through specific dies that forms our roof panels, posts, fascia, gutter, rafters and tubes.

And there you have it, quick and dirty factoids about Aluminum and why it is the perfect material for your new FSOLS outdoor living product.


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